Durango Button Guard Dogs


Dirk was four months old when we rescued him from the City of Tulsa Animal Shelter in 2003. He seems to be part German Shepard and part Chow/Retriever. Dirk is definitely an Alpha dog and wishes he could be the only dog in our family. However, he has a younger sister and brother that he plays with adoringly.

He is very affectionate with anyone who comes into the house and shows this by giving kisses to the ear. He gets a lot of exercise by chasing squirrels and romping in the yard with his loving family. Like any guard dog, Dirk likes to bark at delivery men.

He has a younger sister and brother with whom he plays. His favorite toy is his Monster. The other two dogs know not to touch Dirk’s Monster. He is a very smart dog and we think he would talk if he could.


Indica (aka Indie) came to us because of our son. In May 2005, he had found a puppy under his friend’s house and could not take her home because he couldn’t have pets in his apartment. At first we said no because we already had Dirk, but at first glance of seeing her I knew I had to have her.

Indie has a very thick coat of hair because she is half Chow. We have her shaved about every two months and believe she has no skin, only hair follicles. She has allergies and has to get a shot twice a week.

She is full of love and mischief and loves to playfully torture her brothers. She definitely thinks she is the boss of the whole house. She monitors the toys and makes sure neither of her brothers gets a toy without her permission. Also, she likes to lie where she can see all of the doors so she knows when a family member leaves. She is a great yard keeper because she likes to hunt bull frogs, snakes, and squirrels.


The newest addition to the family is Wydee who was given to us in September of 2008 by a family who could no longer take care of him. Wydee is the heaviest of the three, weighing in at 80 pounds. He still thinks he is just a puppy and loves to sit in your lap.
He is a registered full blood Golden Retriever whose mother was totally white and whose father was golden. His mostly white coat is beautiful but he sheds a lot. He is very submissive to the other dogs but when it comes to protecting an injured animal in the backyard, he will stand up to the other two dogs.

He loves to have his ears scratched; however, they are so big it takes awhile. During the summer, you can most likely find Wydee in his wading pool or playing fetch with Dad. He loves to have his tummy rubbed and he’ll let you know by rolling over on his back.