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Each button is handmade. Characteristics may vary.
All orders are hand-selected to ensure matched sets.

Wood Buttons 37 - Small

Wood, Coconut and Bamboo.

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Size in Inches
W46 Wood Baseball Natural/Rd Stitch 11/16
W47 Wood Basketball Walnut/Black Stitch 11/16
W48 Wood Yellow Jacket 5/8
W49 Wood Square Sport Zebra 1/2
W50 Wood Blackwine 5/8
W51 Wood Natural Ball w/ Pin 7/16
W52 Wood Natural Dome Square 11/16
W53 Wood Stratawood Bevel Edge 5/8
W54 Wood Burnt Dumbbell Toggle 3/4

Wood buttons are made in the U.S.A. by a Veteran owned business.

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