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Each button is handmade. Characteristics may vary.
All orders are hand-selected to ensure matched sets.



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Size in Inches
M96 Metal Brown Floral 5/8
M97 Metal Black Floral 5/8
M98 Metal Braid 7/8
M120 Metal Antique Brass Open Heart 7/8
M121 Metal Antique Brass Cabin 7/8
M122 Metal Antique Two Flower Heart 7/16
M123 Metal Antique Silver 5-Point Star 5/8
M124 Metal Antique Brass 5-Point Star 5/8
M125 Metal Antique Brass Placket 5/8
M126 Metal Antique Silver Toggle 7/16
M127 Metal Gunmetal Gray Toggle 7/16
M128 Metal Antique Brass Vintage 11/16
M129 Metal Antique Silver Cave Drawing 3/4
M130 Metal Matte Gold Crest 3/4
M131 Metal Antique Silver Eight Posies 3/4