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Each button is handmade. Characteristics may vary.
All orders are hand-selected to ensure matched sets.

Bone 1 - Small

Bone, Dyed, and Natural

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Size in Inches
B1/12 12mm Bone Crisscross 7/16
B1/16 16mm Bone Crisscross 5/8
B1/22 22mm Bone Crisscross 7/8
B1/25 25mm Bone Crisscross 1
B1/32 32mm Bone Crisscross 1-1/4
B11/14 14mm Bone Notches 3/16
B11/18 18mm Bone Notches 11/16
B11/25 25mm Bone Notches 1
B13/12 12mm Bone Spiral 7/16
B13/16 16mm Bone Spiral 5/8
B13/18 18mm Bone Spiral 11/16
B13/22 22mm Bone Spiral 7/8
B13/25 25mm Bone Spiral 1
B13/32 32mm Bone Spiral 1-1/4
B15 16mm Bone Blouse 5/8
B18/20 20mm Bone Elephant 3/4
B18/25 25mm Bone Elephant 1
B23 25mm Bone Stars 1
B30/20 20mm Bone Lotus Flower 3/4
B30/25 25mm Bone Lotus Flower 1
B31/12 12mm Bone Plain 7/16
B31/18 18mm Bone Plain 11/16
B31/22 22mm Bone Plain 7/8
B31/25 25mm Bone Plain 1
B31/32 32mm Bone Plain 1-1/4
B32 25mm Bone Leaf 1
B35/15 15mm Bone Blouse 5/8
B35/22 22mm Bone Blouse 7/8
B41/12 12mm Bone 4 Circles 7/16
B99 25mm Bone Pinwheel 1