Durango Buttons

Durango Button Company – Custom Wholesale Buttons From Around the World

Our unique button collection includes carved horn and bone, colorful dyed bone, shell, coconut, stone, tagua nut, dichroic glass, genuine coin, nickel/silver conchos, wood, and metal. We carry hundreds of styles and sizes of custom buttons for professional designers, as well as yarn, fabric, quilt, and hobby shops.

Durango Button Company has been in existence since 1997. We strive to bring to you the highest quality handmade artisan buttons. Our buttons come from countries around the world, crafted by women’s co-operative groups, village and cottage industries, and small independent businesses. Several styles are created, from start to finish, by artists in the United States.

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Many of our buttons are created from natural materials. We never consider using products made from endangered plants or animals. All the materials in our buttons come from sustainable resources.

Every attempt is made to ensure that our products are manufactured in a protected environment, free from hazardous pollutants. We encourage safe work practices and condemn human rights violations.


Our three guard dogs form an important part of the Durango Button family. Dirk is a rescue dog that we saved on his last day before being put under by euthanasia. Indie and Wydee were found or given to us. Like our buttons, each of these dogs has their own personality and we love them very much.

Meet the Durango Button Guard Dogs.